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Housemeister Biography

Hyperactive child of Berlin’s techno scene, Housemeister is a key figure of the German and international nightscape. Housemeister is a dj half of his life, labelhead of AYCB Records and part of BNR. As a full-analog studio crack he has produced 6 full lenght studio Albums and more than 50 Eps with his very own interpretation of techno. His shows still have a 90s ghetto vibe, with as much energy as a punk band, but to make it clear to everyone, its techno music to its essence. latest Remixes for Chicago Legends Robert Armani and DJ Deeon, as well as for Matthew Herbert´s „Smart”, a brandnew Mix for Dave Clarke & Mr.Jones `Unsubscribe` project plus an remix for berlin´s infamous “artist unknown” classic „control”His latest album „Transfer” was released in January 2016 on the infamous „Detroit Underground” label (cassette/cd/digital) and surprised in many ways: It is a different, kind of ambient/ electro/ dub industrial style. many good feedbacks incl. interview with the german de-bug magazine, interview with xlr8tr, reviews in clubbing spain, dj mag spain and many more. radio1 olaf zimmermann (electro beats) invited him for a 2 hours special for transfer, also flux fm for a 1 hour special.
Housemeisters „Downgrade” EP on AYCB was picked as „Tune of the Month” at Mixmag Magazin (September 2015 issue)

He is Resident DJ at Suicide Berlin where he promotes every other month his AYCB Labelnights, inviting national & International Dj Friends.

Gigs 2015, MMA Munich, Electric Paris, Heaven London, Circolo Magnolia Milan/italy, Suicide Berlin, Distorsion Kopenhagen, Womb Tokyo, Arkham Shanghai, Razzmatazz #Sonar Barcelona, Lux Lissabon, Bolgia Bergamo/italy, Airport Würzburg, Koh in Bali/indonesia, Fuse Brussels/belgium, Slakthuset stockholm/ sweden , Showbox Dresden, #ADE Paradiso Amsterdam to only name a few.
„Although this may not be everyones cup of tea, theres a definite adulation for Housemeister, to create these quality cuts live and with such passion is a testament to the Germans forward-thinking skills.” ( 2015



AYCB is a Berlin techno label since 2005.
housemeister founded a platform in order to retain his full artistic freedom while releasing his own music,
befriended national and international artist´s or great newcomers.
Housemeister, d_func. aka Alexander Kowalski, Klienfeld, Dinamite, Funk d´Void, Fabian Feyerabendt, Toktok
Robert Armani, Hd Substance, Lado, Jan Driver, Dave Tarrida, Tesla286, Deadwalkman, Hoshina Anniversary
+ remixes from Jonas Kopp, Djedjotronic, Scntst, Beroshima, Toktok, Boys Noize, Siriusmo and many more.

AYCB links

Releases Housemeister 2015

AYCB035 – Housemeister – Ghetto Sessions EP
BNR143 – Housemeister – Zombie EP
AYCB039 – Housemeister – Downgrade EP
Katermukke – Housemeister – Heile Welt EP
Autofake – Housemeister – backpfeife (compilation)
DIZZY TUNES 10 – Housemeister – Ghetto Sessions 2 (Vinyl only)

Housemeister Remixes 2015
DJ Deeon – Freak Bitch Remix – Traxman Records
Robert Armani – Blotter Paper Remix – AYCB038
Matthew Herbert – Smart – Housemeister Remix -Accidental Records

Releases Housemeister 2016
Housemeister – Transfer (Album) -Detroit Underground
Housemeister – Core – Various Artists „Techno Issues Vol.1″ AYCB
Housemeister – Profan (EP) – AYCB

Housemeister Remixes 2016
Dave Clarke & Mr.Jones as „Unsubscribe” – Penultimate – Housemeister Remix
Artist Unknown – Control – Housemeister Remix