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Hrdvsion, pronounced hard vision, and sometimes known as Nathan Jonson, is a Canadian composer dedicated to electronic music with an experimental streak.

Following a decade of producing and DJing as Hrdvsion, Nathan Jonson steps out under his birth name to mark a new stage in his career.

When you have explored as many styles as Hrdvsion did – everything from beatless, ambient tracks to rugged club cuts or pop bootlegs – there isn’t so much new ground to break. The switch of alias isn’t about doing something different but just about being open, honest and direct.

That said, with time Jonson’s need to challenge the norm has eased and his boundlessly experimental streak has become more focused. His impressive discography, spread across labels such as Wagon Repair, Balkan Recordings, Rinse and International Deejay Gigolo, hints at a producer who has valued diversity above all. His records have long been turned to by DJs right across the board, always guaranteeing them a striking and unusual sound. Now, without the pressure to surprise and re-invent, Jonson can go deeper into his craft and pinpoint what it is that linked his output over the years.