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In early 2007 Giuseppe Marchegiano began to produce under the pseudonym of Hubble, shortly after the release of his first vinyl on Moulton label, he began to gather support from the underground and techno scene in Berlin and on international level.His productions and tracks are considered precious rarities as they are only printed on limited edition series, in fact he likes to consider his works as tools to be played by close friends not necessairly intended to be officially released. We can call Hubble’s “long hypnotic journeys”.Hubble, with his floating Techno sound and Pyschedelic atmospheres has fronted a number of parties in Berlin among which stands his own triptic of parties thrown at Berghain Kantine (first important location where he played in Berlin) and called “Forget Me Not” which is also his debut album title released in September 2010 by Pheek on the canadian label Archipel.In 2009 he began his collaboration with Sleep Is Commercial, he is now one of the crew organizing really intense Techno parties in Berlin and grooving people into underground locations around Europe being his music a landmark for the psychedelic groovy sound of the label.He runs the label’s limited vinyl series called sic ltd, it began with “Kirks and Ghosts” and “La Estrella” out on Summer 2010, followed by “Focus” and “Tribute02″ out on April 2011. Last release on Jan 2012 is the first EEBB (a new project with his friend Pheek) ‘s work called T HC. Out in 12” vinyl ltd.Hubble is also a frequent guest in some of the most important locations in Berlin such as Club der Visionaere, Watergate,Arena Club,Suicide Circus.Don’t miss his release on the Techno label Haknam (hknm04) “Sand” + “Floating Souls” and his upcoming new album just terminated after his first Japan tour, out soon on Sleep Is Commercial