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Ian Tricus


Ian Tricus



Ian Tricus or Jan Georg as his real name is started playing and producing music back in 1996. Back then Ian crate-dug his way through backpacker hip hop and the more outlandish ends of the hip hop scene only to wind up in house more then 15 years later. – Nothing in life is more important to me then music Ian Tricus says and shakes his head.

Its not until the last few year that Ian has found his musical calling, house music. Under the moniker Tricus & Gold, Ian and studio partner Eric Goldstein produced futuristic house for the long night of the Berlin club scene. Many late night spent in the rich club world of Berlin has given result. Together Tricus & Gold has a near supernatural felling for what the crowd is looking for, taking inspiration from every thing from classic chicago house to the german techno phenomenon, African tribal chants over deep Tech Chords to early-birding minimal house.

Listening to Ian Tricus productions today you hear a mature and well balanced up and coming house producer straight form the heart of the club culture.

Surely something no one want to miss out on.