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Inland is the Techno alter-ego of respected DJ and Producer Ed Davenport. Inland performs Live, with a hybrid setup of digital and hardware sources, and plays records, new and old. He co-runs the Infrastructure New York label with Function, where the duo released their collaborative ‘Odeon/Rhyl’ EP in 2014. Inland productions have also surfaced on Davenport’s Counterchange label and most recently on Berlin’s Ostgut Ton.

Inland stands for purist, and atmospheric Techno. Informed by a maturing career in independent electronic music, collecting and studying productions from the finest Techno producers from the UK to the U.S and back, and infused with a need to infuse modern club music with those classic ideals, the inevitable formation of Inland arose in 2013. Kick started with a run of 12s on Berlin based labels Figure SPC, Counterchange and Vidab the first productions met praise from some of the Techno community’s key players.