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Jonny Cruz


Jonny Cruz

United States

Jonny Cruz



Born in San Juan, PR in the beginning of the eighties, and always surrounded by art from a tender age, It was quite obvious that his passion would lead him to pursue a career in music or some kind of art form. At 15 years of age he started to get involved with various music acts from his native island of Puerto Rico. Although it was in 1999 when he started attending underground electronic music parties and became totally obsessed with the art form of musical production and mixing. In 2004 he formed an alliance with 2 friends and created a production outfit called Identity.
They released over 20 records together throughout 2004 to 2008. In 2008 Jonny attended a party that forever changed his life while on vacation on the island of Ibiza he had the chance to experience Cocoon at Amnesia pretty much after that he dedicated all of his time to house music. Now 2 years later after several releases under a different alias.
Jonny has come out with his own name seeking to explore new musical boundaries as a solo artist instead of a collective as he has been used to working with in the past. Expect future collaborations under the name Cruz & Lati,Cruz & Meiner amongst others.