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Jozhy K


Jozhy K

Jozhy K


Jozhy K is an amazing DJ, musician and producer, recognized by many European and Western labels. His musical career began back in 2003 when he was a teacher for himself. He would constantly experiment, discover and create something new in the world of Music.

He took his first steps in 2004 at the nightclub “Las Vegas”, in The Ukraine. His debut performance created a sensation and caused a storm of positive emotion in everyone who experienced his music live. His career as a DJ was predetermined since then.

In 2005 Jozhy K went to the USA. That time was a tremendous experience for him. He firmly acquainted with North American music and nightclub culture. Here he bought his first professional dj-equipment. Jozhy K got more inspiration and continuously grew as a DJ and musician when he arrived back to The Ukraine. Along with the Dj part Jozhy K also was an Event Organizer at the «Bar-Club Harley», Ukraine.

May 2006. Jozhy K was the resident DJ at the “Dance Club Maxim”. Here he introduced a number of innovations and ideas in the nightclub culture.

December 2006. Jozhy K started his cooperation with Relax Recordings. This was a new stage in his career.

2006 – 2007. He Collaborated with a few International producers and issued a set of tracks under various labels.

In 2008 Jozhy K’s career as a Dj rapidly moved up. As a music composer he creates a new live project “Jozhy K & Angel”, where he introduced the vibrant and captivating voice of a young female artist Angel.

Jozhy K & Angel are working closely together, moving toward the European and Western labels. Success was not long in coming.

The successful and unique project ” Jozhy K & Angel” has been recognized by many International producers and labels. Just to name few: Black Hole Recordings, Baroque Records, Terminal4, Arrival, Mistique music, Spherax, Particles, Mango Alley, Starlight, Ask4 Records, Pink Rabbit, Proton, Royal Tracks, 9 Records, Lohit, Splash Records, Dezire, Line out records, Festival Lounge, Fragmatic Records, Hard Disco Records, Nervine Records, Ultimate House Records, Deux Minds Records, Killing Machine Records, Fractal, Nuloud music, 405 Recordings, LW Recordings, Incense Records, Humano Records, Skilled Records, Time Records, Vibra Macz, Get High Music, Monad, Omnis Records, PlasmaPool, Mar186, Route 258, Relax Recordings.

Jozhy K uses a variety of DJ equipment: mixers, effectors, samplers in his work. One can admire his captivating work for hours with no interruption. He is a real professional, who uses an unusual and unique approach, creativity and all his passion, while fully devoting himself to the audience.

Music is one of the main driving forces of Jozhy K’s life. He is an absolute musician with all his heart and soul. His music is an absolute addiction for those who value quality sound, professional work, and strive for positive emotions.