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Julian Ganzer


Julian Ganzer



Julian Ganzer, a DJ, producer and founder of Studio Kreuzberg, who’s been living and working in Berlin for 11 years, is an artist you can’t pigeon-hole but a character whose complexity and philosophy speaks for itself. Producing artists such as DJ Hell, DJ T. and M.A.N.D.Y since his arrival in Berlin to mention just a few, certainly proofed his talent, but never changed his own unique style of writing and producing music that represents himself as a true artist. Labels like Get Physical, Moodmusic, Thirtyonetwenty, Souvenir Music as well as many others have become a platform for his musical output.

His live performances, be it as a DJ or a live act, will show you what dedicated and sophisticated figure in art he is. Thus it’s not easy to describe Julian’s style which is located between body moving 4-to-the-floor house grooves, deeply acoustically influenced sounds up to serious Detroit routed techno, depending on the situation, the crowd and the surroundings. In his sets Julian always tries to combine diverse styles in an intelligent and soulful arrangement trying to lead the crowd through different states of mind, reaching from hypnotic journeys to excessive body movement. His future releases are promising steps to make even more people aware of this sincere and skilled music lover.