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Justin Marchacos


Justin Marchacos

United States

Justin Marchacos


Hailing from the suburbs of Connecticut to the mountains of Colorado and now in frenetic New York City, Justin Marchacos is a versatile music composer with his roots in film.

Beginning in 2005, he has composed and performed original music for award-winning films, such as The Mother Project (2006) and Return of the Nina (2008), on the Sundance Channel as well as in dozens of film festivals, including the Tribeca International Film Festival and the San Francisco International Film Festival. Justin expanded his expertise of music composition to advertising and fashion in 2007, creating music for such clients as Gourmet Magazine/Renaissance Hotels, eBay, and Banana Republic. In September 2013, he notably composed a set infused with the sounds of various Asian instruments to complement the designs of Filipina Josie Natori during NYC Fashion Week.

Throughout his career, Justin has dabbled with making dance music in a multitude of genres. He counts his musical influences as a vast array of artists all with the commonality of evoking real emotion and telling a story through their music. He delved into seriously composing deep/tech house in early 2013, releasing a track titled I Wanna (featuring Julia Govor) with NOSI Music in February 2014. Collaboration with Gavin Stephenson and Iman Rizky, founders of ebb + flow music, started during the summer of 2014, and Justin is now officially a core artist in the ebb + flow family. Together, the trio has been producing deep/tech house with driving bass lines and catchy, danceable hooks under the moniker Second Format.
Justin made an unforgettable debut solo performance with a live set on New Year’s Eve at The Cityfox Experience: Studio AV 2015 in New York City. New track releases on Cityfox and beyond are slated to come out early this year.