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Koelle is a rising producer from Ingolstadt, Germany. He had his debut release on Needwant this year, followed by another release on Traum Schallplatten. He plays his music in livesets and showcases the work of his daily sound excursions.

Koelle is the classically trained and rising producer from Ingolstadt, Germany.
This rounded producer started early perfecting the cello from a young age and appearing in various orchestras and ensembles. This then gave him the foundation and progression to move into electronic music. Not forgetting his classical roots and joy for field recordings henbrings these sounds together to create something truly melodic, deep and organic.
With already a number releases on small labels and support from BBC’s Radio 1 under the name ‘Koellectronic’ he caught the attention of London’s Needwant were he partnered with vocalist Elli to create there collaboration Koelle & Elli and ‘All You Got’.
In December 2015, he will release his first track Purple Orbit on Traumschallplatten for the upcoming Tour de Traum11.
Koelle is now working on bringing all his musical experience together, including his band ‘Nous’ to bring us a fresh and exciting live set performance.