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Since 2005 Blondee is an integral part of the German deep house scene. Whether as a DJ, producer or remixer – Potsdam-born artist enthusiastically for over 10 years with his soulful and melodious DJ sets and own house productions. This Blondee not only demonstrates sensitivity in the transfer of old classics in the here and now, but also in the production of new electronic music full of emotion and a lot of perseverance: disco and deep house beads are enhanced with acoustic guitar licks and organic drum patterns, subtly chosen vocal parts add that certain feeling and complemented by a driving club arrangements.

In his DJ sets Blondee leads inspired by Nora en Pure, Lexer, Sons of Maria, Cedric Zeyenne, Felix Jaehn, The Avener or Andhim styles and voices from different decades impressive to an entertaining and musically diverse mix together, with whom he not only the clubs of German cities like Munich and Berlin brought to a boil, but also on the dancefloors like Nature One Festival. Who knows his mix “Deutsch Unterricht”, who knows that Blondee already forgotten and overlooked treasures of German music history always promotes the daylight and interpreted for the dance floor ever again.

And his own productions mean on the dance floors of clubs and festivals for states of emergency for years. So the record virtuoso already produced his own songs in collaboration with Hagen and KRTO on labels such as Plattenbau Music, WonneMusik, Tag & Nacht and No Definition. But his numerous remixes for international stars such as Marlon Roudette and George Ezra on major labels such as Columbia / Sony Music and Universal already caused for continuous rotation in the club charts. Blondee is no longer a newcomer, yet you shall name this year to hear more often than ever before – for example, with its new releases on The Bearded Man and Indiana Tones.