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Markus Mehta


Markus Mehta


Markus Mehta


Munich’s Markus Mehta has been dedicated to dance music for more then a decade, with an obsession for electronic sounds stretching back to his impressionable youth. The course of his life was inevitable once he was bitten by the dance music bug, with an early love soon developing into a fully-fledged career both behind the scenes and in the spotlight. The desire to create, play, share and promote electronic music has always been his focal energy.

He has built up his name as a DJ/producer in tandem with his successful Electronic Soul consulting and events promotion agency. As a result, he has worked with many of the scene’s major players on both sides of the fence. The two sides of his career have combined in synergy to build his passion for and understanding of the scene he works in, imbuing his music with a deep knowledge of and empathy for the dancefloor.

Forward-thinking electronic music has always been his focus, whatever the genre. His open-minded approach to music gives him the foundations needed to be a versatile DJ. He describes his sound as being “somewhere between deep house and techno”, but that does not do justice to his ability to craft productions and sets that can be deep and seductive one minute, as well as energetic and thumping the next. His productions continue to grow in quality, with his dedication to music ensuring that he carefully hones his craft with each release. From sensuous minimalism to rolling house flavors, his sound is always accomplished and heartfelt.

Markus’ burgeoning DJ schedule has seen him lay waste to techno clubbing meccas Berghain and Cocoon Club – two of the most prestigious venues in the world – as well as taking him touring at festivals and clubs across the world, from Europe to North America to Asia and Russia. He held a four year residency at Munich’s legendary Rote Sonne, where he played alongside the likes of Butch, D’Julz, Coyu & Edu Imbernon, Gregor Tresher, Paul Ritch and many more. He’s toured alongside Derrick May across Europe, with his international diary fast on the rise as his release portfolio continues to expand.

His approach to production is quality, not quantity, choosing a succinct way to releasing rather than flooding the market with a constant stream of music. 2003 saw his first key production emerge, with the Exun-released Stephan Riedel collaboration Absorbed In Thought kicking off a promising career in the studio. Alex Flatner snapped up 2004’s Overseas for his Circle Records, with the follow-up Obsessions released on the same label in 2006. His productions for this fledging imprint found their way onto major compilations by Hernan Cattaneo and Bryan Zentz, spreading his name amongst the upper echelons of dance music. 2007 saw the beginning of an ongoing and highly fruitful collaboration with Alec Chizhik, with the duo releasing the deep, driving Transit EP on America’s acclaimed Headtunes label and the retro-flavoured Compass on Belgium’s Punk’ID just months later.

In recent years, his works have graced Great Stuff’s hugely popular Munich Disco Tech series (Masque and also Tactile, with an excellent rework from Stacey Pullen) and the legendary Great Summer Games Stuff & Great Stuff Grooves compilations (India & Monolith). Kling Klong played home to the release of Mehta‘s and Chizhik’s Chaos Theory, which held court in Beatport’s Deep House Chart for weeks on end and whose Rino Cerrone remix received heavy support from Richie Hawtin and Carl Cox. Black Nation/Sector 616, Tuning Spork, High Definition and Electronic Petz have all also unleashed his potent productions.

In 2012 he released more celebrated solo material on Circle Records (Monolog) & Materialism (Fly), as well as three EPs with Chizhik – Numbers on the Italian deep house imprint Greelpound, Changing Places on Takt, the label co-owned by one half of Kaiserdisco and Balance on Canada’s Monique Spéciale.

During 2013 & 2014 Ramon Tapia’s and Hermanez’s Aella and the renown German Yellow Tail Recordings came calling for the revered duo’s sounds. The latter presented their latest three track EP Your Mind. It included a raw and untamed remix by Paul C & Paolo Martini. Another highlight of 2014 was the release of Markus’ Side Effects composition on Smiley Fingers.

Markus is committed to pushing his music forward, continually exploring new ideas and evolving his style. He’s truly excited and inspired by the possibility of what’s to come, and on the evidence of what he’s achieved so far, he’s got plenty more to offer yet.