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Mario Mangiapia (aka Mintech), was born in Naples on January 23, 1989. From the age of 11 years is close to the electronic music scene, following in his favorite artists’s concerts. The turning point for him was in 2006 when he meets an old school friend (Alex Modigliani), and also equip themselves with their first studio. There were many releases under the name “Moditech,” that was later also the name of their label Moditech Records (2008). Always influenced by its global pioneers of techno: Chris Liebing, Speedy J, Joseph Capriati, Adam Beyer, Dave Clarke, Ben Sims, Eric Sneo and etc., soon the Mario’s sound began to change, experimenting in his works groove dark, experimental and minimal making them harder, releasing his tracks on labels such as thick: Remain, Amazone, Slap Jaxx, GON, Lost Demos, etc. Upcoming release are on : Gayle San Records(GSR), Darkent, Elektrax, Android Muziq, PlusEins, Bass Assault and many more (with important collaborations) … also begins to take part in events with a group created with his friends called “Decompressed” with artists such as: Eric Sneo, Gayle San, A. Paul, Sven Wittekind, Chris Liberator, Axel Karakasis etc..