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Ryogo Yamamori


Ryogo Yamamori

Ryogo Yamamori


Ryogo Yamamori was rising star techno music scene.he was exposed to the sounds of such as artist Marshall Jefferson,Josh wink,Green Velvet,Jeff Mills,Derrick May,,Undergroud Resistance,early 90`s. in 1999, he starts making his solo tracks,his tracks began to appears in magazine DJ Charts around the world. in 2011, he starts his own label 951beat in tokyo, after only a few releases gained heavy industry support from DJs such as Dave Clarke,DVS,Drumcell,…just to name a has over 80 original production work on torque,slap jaxx,IIIegal Alien Records and more he’s first album is coming out on Slap Jaxx 2014.he`s also established techno artists such as Angel Alanis,Detroit Grand Pubahs vs. Space DJz.he was getting perform at air in Japan,Octagon in Korea,America,New Zealand and Canada.