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25 December 2016

Artist of the Week Chart

By Max Cooper

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After 3 years of hard work on the ideas, visual collaborations, and music, the Emergence album is finally out! Thanks to Beatport for featuring me as artist of the week around the release, and thanks for all the support with my releases over the years. And most of all big thank you to all of you who have listened to and supported my music and come along to the live shows, I hope there are some tracks in here which you enjoy. The physical album release comes with a booklet with stills from the visual story, and beautiful generative artwork from Andy Lomas’ aggregation series (also on the digital artwork) where tiny particles semi-randomly stick to one-another to create huge complex structures – an emergent process itself, so a fitting set of artworks. The design was by Ben Slater, who has designed lots of my graphical content in the past. The whole project started a few years ago when I decided to try and put together a live visual show which fused my interests in science and visual art, with my music. Several of my old music videos had already touched on the idea of the emergence of life, such as Andrew Brewer/WhiskasFX’s work, and Andy Lomas’ cellular forms. So it was an easy choice to try and spread the emergence idea out much further to look at the visual structures of natural laws and how they yielded the physical universe, which in turn yielded life, which then lead to humans, civilisation, technology and into the future – a universe timeline narrative looking at the natural processes and systems involved at each different time and scale, and the beauty of their visualisation and outcomes. There were many visual collaborators across the project with a whole range of styles. The idea was that the video content would be linked by the story, and the differing styles could keep the 90 minute live shows interesting. Massive thanks for all the amazing visual work which inspired a lot of the music – Andy Lomas, Nick Cobby, Kevin McGloughlin, Murat Sayginer, Henning M. Lederer, Andrew Brewer, Maxime Causeret, Vincent Houze, Sabine Volkert, RC Aksun, Dugan Hammock, David Wexler, Tom Geraedts, Sam Mardon, Vicetto, Susi Sie, Cornus Ammonis, Rabbit Hole, Black Box, Numbercult and Paul Bloomfield! And thank you for having a read and a listen…

Sacred Feathers (Original Mix)

Parra for Cuva, Senoy


Organa (Original Mix)

Max Cooper


Shanel (Original Mix)



Order from Chaos (Original Mix)

Max Cooper


What Sorrow (Original Mix)

Rival Consoles

Grit (Original Mix)

Max Cooper, Satirist

No Secret (Original Mix)


The Smallest Measurable Space (Original Mix)

Rob Clouth

Sansula (Max Cooper's Lost In Sound Mix)

Dominik Eulberg, Max Cooper

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