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29 January 2017

January 2017 Charts

By Carlo Ruetz

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Rostock-bred Carlo bought his first turntables and mixer in 2001, and his devotion to the minimalist aesthetic was forged in his early sets. He soon became a regular fixture of clubs and open air parties in northern Germany, then broadened his horizons further, to blaze the stage at ENTER. Ibiza at Space, FUSE Brussels, TOFFLER Rotterdam, 10 DAYS OFF – The Last Waltz Ghent, and a 2015 tour through India. Carlo began writing his own compositions in 2010, and marked up releases for Moonplay Records and Slaap Records before the game-changing arrival of Breakthrough through Supdub Digitales. Carlo Ruetz is Known for starting from scratch with every production, mining deep for unexpected sounds and arrangements, and taking compelling bends and turns while in the DJ booth. It’s no surprise that Richie Hawtin counts Carlo Ruetz as part of the new Minus generation. Expect to hear more from this overnight veteran who exists at the leading edge of minimalism and techno.


Instinct (Original Mix)

Carlo Ruetz

Black Horizon (Original Mix)


Lava Inferno (Original Mix)


Egg Of Life (Original Mix)


Why? (Moll Mix)

Atesh K, Ozan Kanik, Moll

Through Walls (Original Mix)

Carlo Ruetz

Running Arround (Original Mix)

Jens Lewandowski

Blush (Original Mix)

Frederic Stunkel

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