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28 January 2017

‘Rakuten’ Chart

By Alex Preda

favorite Favorite

Bedrock, Manual Music, Stripped Digital

My likes for November and early December.

Rakuten (Alex Preda Remix)

Bog, Alex Preda


Access (Original Mix)

Paul Mad, Sasha Kaktus


Sanction (Original Mix)

Paul Hazendonk

Mondays (Original)

Beckers, D-Nox

Flying Butter (Paul Hamilton Remix)

Sergio Sorolla, Paul Hamilton

Interstellar Love (REVIVEHER Back To Earth Mix)

Sultan Shakes, REVIVEHER

Kutting feat. Vhelade (Brian Cid & Andrew Grant Remix)

System Of Survival, Andrew Grant, Brian Cid


The Chosen (Original Mix)

Rauschhaus, David Baader

Hold You In The Moment (Original)

Philipp Straub, Collective Machine

Jupiter (Original Mix)


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