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12 December 2016

Trance is coming back

By Double Creativity

favorite Favorite

Trance is coming back to Synergy Records with the “Far Away” by the guys with a huge talent and ambitions – StereoSkopik and Crazy Power. They combined a tough character with a melancholic mood in the one track and, in result, got the real dancefloor bomb that will take you far away to a dreams and then return to reality.

Sivilla (Original Mix)

Nemora, Crazy Power


W5 [Waiting For] (Original Mix)

Scot Project

Konstantine (Original Mix)

Space Raven


Weightless feat. Aloma Steele (Extended Mix)

First State, Digital X, Aloma Steele

Far Away (Extended Mix)

Crazy Power, StereoSkopik

Let It Come (Darren Porter Remix)

Mark Sherry, The Space Brothers, Darren Porter

12K.MCG (Original Mix)

David Forbes


Strikeforce (UCast Remix)

Indecent Noise, UCast

Listen (Original Mix)

Crazy Power

The Road (Extended Mix)

David Gravell