April 13, 2018 Pat Tassone mic


The Wildwood Podcast series is officially two years old and to celebrate we thought we’d go back to where it all started 33 podcasts ago.

For this episode of the series we welcome back Wildwood founder and head curator of the podcast Pat Tassone with his recorded set from who loves last month.

“Wholoves was a party on the top of my to do list and boy did it live up to my expectations, it will honestly go down as one of the most memorable sets ive ever played. The vibe was amazing with an intimate and up for it crowd. Such a fun experience! A big thanks goes to the crew at wholoves.. keep doing what your doing and thank you for supporting me and the other Wildwood artists”

Hope you all enjoy!


1. Roy Rosenfeld – When we were innocent
2. Filter Bear – Never In
3. Paul Ursin – Way Out (Khen Remix)
4. Chus & Ceballos, Dennis Cruz – The Sun
5. Matthias Meyer, Ryan Davis – Hope
6. Way Out West – Tuesday Maybe (Guy J Remix)
7. Shai T – Desert Story (Dabeat Remix)
8. Nick Warren, Tripswitch – Voight Kampff (Cid Inc. Remix)
9. Kasper Koman – The Contruct
10. Speaking in Tongues – Passenger
11. Guy J – Airborne
12. Miraculum – Intimacy (Gaston Ponte Remix)
13. BOg – Nuit
14. Sam Shure – Kasra
15. Michael A – Echospace
16. Wally Lopez – Sunday Trip (Quivver Remiz)
17. Alex Preda – Mingea
18. Michael A – Aura Tears
19. Sebastian Busto – Chronos (Nishan Lee Remix)
20. Marino Canal – The Endless Fall

Next week, Laura King