Sound healing meditations, Ambient music, interdisciplinary art-projects, psychedelically infused talks & workshops and trance inducing DJ-sets. Bridging these apparent worlds apart, they all converge in the artist Roger Martinez.

Roger views a club night or festival as a shamanic ceremony where people gather and have profound experiences through repetitive music and dance. During his performances he surrenders himself to the creative flow, communicating a unifying experience through the music.
Drawing inspiration from anything between shamanic ceremonies, mountain treks and pop music, his DJ-sets tend to be pan-spectral, transcending genre and style.

A stylistically nomadic producer, his music has found its way onto labels like Lost & Found, Sudbeat, Plattenbank, GEM Records and Tronic.
,,Bridging worlds and connecting people through boundary dissolving musical experiences.”

Its been a thrill to welcome back Roger for this edition of the podcast, in our mind he is one of the leading progressive artists in the world. Thank you for supporting our podcast once again brother… Hope you all enjoy this as much as we did.