May 23, 2018 mic


We’ve turned 40!! In our mind there is absolutely no better way to celebrate than by welcoming back our co-founder and amazing artist Adrian Clemente as Ekbalu, his new and permanent moniker.

Ekbalu is the alias of Melbourne based DJ and co-founder of Wildwood Events, Adrian Clemente. He is renowned for his unique, ethereal sound and the contagious vibe he creates on dance floors.

From slow hypnotic downtempo layered with organic cultural influences to mind altering melodic techno. Unifying these sounds into an emotional journey is what Ekbalu has earned a reputation for. He is a fun loving and joyful character to say the least, feeling most at home amongst the outdoor elements.

It is not often you see someone’s infectious personality translate into their DJ sets, but somehow he manages to do just that with a big cheeky grin on his face.

Oliver Koletzki – A Tribe Called Kotori
Sabo – Vibe Quest (Nadastrom Remix)
Herrhausen & Treindl – Ramirez
Be Svendsen – Decoy 

Landikhan, Niña indigo – Astral
Hraach & Armen Miran – Inevitable Ending (Viken Arman & Goldcap Remix)
Victor Norman – Hymn (Birds Of Mind Remix)

Oceanvs Orientalis, Idil Mese – The Cube 

Tibau – Melodia (Mollono.Bass Remix)
Upercent – Vents Del Desert

Jiony – No Matter, No Mind

Oliver Koletzki – Tankwa Town (Kleintierschaukel Remix)

Viken Arman – Yari

Troja – Kanjira
Joblyn, Struppie – Hunzel Riddim (Ninze Remix)

Rapossa – Wind of Freedom 

Armen Miran – Jojo In The Stars (Ali Farahani Remix)

Viken Arman – Zephyr 

Eric Sneo – Sound Traveler

Culoe De Song – Webaba

Istvan Sky – Cosmic Ritual Dance from the Sky