July 17, 2018 mic



One of our favourites is back for this weeks edition of the series. A great friend, a Wildwood resident, an amazingly talented human…. we present to you, Hafner.

We trust you’ll enjoy this mix as much as we did. We love Mikes approach to his music and thats exactly why he’s a staple at our events and so well respected within our music community. Thank you Mike, amazing as always!

Here are some words from the man himself (track list below)

“I love to play emotive, energising electronic dance music, and recently I have been drawn towards deep, downtempo electronica influenced from instrumental and organic soundscapes from the many cultures of this world.

My intent is to create meaningful musical journeys suited to anything from a meditative state of reflection, hypnotic movements, and all the way through to ecstatic dance.

Creating, or shifting the vibe of a space with intention and style is the core element of my sets, using an ebb and flow of musical moods to mould that of the listener, and to move the heart, the body and the soul.”

Zakir – Vestido De Lunares
Elfenberg – Lotus
Tuğçe Kurtiş – Sevdan Olmasa (Rodrigo Gallardo Remix)
Birds Of Mind – Stone (Estray Remix)
Cem Ince & Kaan Tanriverdi ali
Fulltone, Safism – Al Beat (Timboletti Dub Remix)
Sainte Vie – Huracáin
Amentia – Mojang
Dole & Kom – Phara Oh (Mollono.Bass Remix)
Caly Jandro, Highway Beauty – Souba
Soren Laga – Crow Over
Zakir – Save the Children (David Mayer Remix)
Lunar Plane – Feist
Zigan Aldi – Olin
Amin – Twisted River (Canson Remix)
Celestial Strangers – Cabaret
Lunar Disco, Sucré Salé – Make It Beautiful
Shkoon – Jarra (SEGG KeyBe & Pandhora Remix)
Sabb feat. DAVI – Full Moon Tale
Mose Robert – Dusty Path (Doppel Remix)
Butch – Shahrzad (Matthias Meyer Remix)