December 26, 2018 mic



This one is very excited… this man has made some of the most beautiful music we have ever heard and its a real honour to have him join the podcast family. Ladies and Gentleman… Alex Banks

Since releasing his debut album Illuminate in the summer of 2014, Buckinghamshire-born and Brighton-based producer Alex Banks has progressed from being an in-demand remixer and Solid Steel ‘Mix of the Year’-winning DJ to that and so much more today. From touring Europe with Moderat to DJing in Tokyo for Red Bull Music Academy’s EMAF, via countless live performances at continental festivals including Germany’s legendary Melt, he’s raised his own bar, his own way. And what comes now and next is just as forward thinking as the material he’s put out previously, unbounded by electronic music’s typically rigid genre barriers and capable of connecting with an audience on a cerebral as well as a physical level.

A key word is emotion: Alex’s music has it to spare. That was evident back when his remix of Bonobo’s ‘The Keeper’ crept out in early 2012, slow-rising to public recognition as the outstanding reworking of material featured on Simon Green’s acclaimed Black Sands LP. With the best part of two million plays across SoundCloud and YouTube alone, attracting SoundCloud user comments like “a true masterpiece”, the track’s popularity, beside fine receptions for further remixes for the likes of Andreya Triana and Husky Rescue, formed a fine foundation from which Alex could further develop his own original material, forever retaining a grip on his audience’s hearts as he moves their bodies.

It’s a good time for Alex Banks, the one-time metal fan whose life changed with his first teenage rave – to be him, to hear him, to work beside him. Whether remixing, collaborating or operating alone, his unique mark is consistently evident in music bearing the Alex Banks brand, rapidly becoming a seal of warm approval in stark contrast to so much sterile dance fare made with machine-like precision. Just as Illuminate made you move inside and out, so Alex’s next chapter is sure to be full of heart-swelling builds and a very organic sense of euphoria. You can go ahead and mark it as essential, already.