January 3, 2019 mic



One of the absolute greats of the Melbourne electronic music scene, Stef Chow.

One of the original founders of the sharing based facebook group mahala crème de la crème, Stef Chow has been passively involved in the Melbourne scene since 2013.

For the past twelve months his focus has shifted towards DJ’ing and bringing in some unique sounds drifting through multiple genres. Has played in venues such as revolver, Killing Time, circus and also featured at last years Wildwood new years gathering. One of his highlights to date was bringing in the new year and closing the barn at Wildwood B2B with Miza.


Mondscheinfahrt – Yolanda Frei
Rodigast – Deep Ändi
Vernunft Hat Damit Nichts Zutun – Yolanda Frei
Purple Disco (Original Mix) – Dirty Doering
Wooded Road (Original Mix) – Tolga Maktay
Blurry Cake (Original Mix) – Timboletti
Moonkey – Canson
Sagar (Original Mix) – Tolga Maktay
Kolumbus (Original) – Canson
Room 111 – Flat Maze
All My Colors – Underspreche
106 Downtown (Genius Of Time Remix) – Vincenzo
Miami Rice (Canson Remix) – Gab Rhome
Cape of Doering (Original Mix) – Dirty Doering
Shapeshifter (Original Mix) [Copycow] – Debal Sommer
Russwans – Nikita Great
Anemoni (Original Mix) – Dio S
Black Udo – HAFT
Laroz Camel Rider – Laroz Camel Rider
Avevibz (The Soul Brothers Remix) – Laroz Camel Rider
Doo Doo – Thierry Tomas
Mad Dog (Original Mix) [Copycow] – Laroz Camel Rider
Don’t Hold (Remastered) – Pablo Bolívar
Off Soft (Feat. Fabel Remastered) – Pablo Bolívar