January 10, 2019 mic



Founding member of Wildwood and without question one of the best techno acts in Australia, Orpheyo Dragon. The new project of Dean Benson, a veteran of the Australian dance scene for over the last decade.

A man who is humble yet passionate about his life expression through music. Driven yet controlled in following his path. His whole adult life has been spent refining his sound to a level that he is now ready to perform as a producer & live artist.

This is a special podcast for many reasons, but mainly because this was the closing set from our recent New Years festival. The last piece of music of 2018 for Wildwood and beautiful transition into 2019. A very special occasion etched in time forever with this recording.

You’ll be able to catch Orpheyo Dragon once again on the biggest stage of them all in a few weeks time as he’ll be returning once again to Rainbow Serpent and the Market stage.