January 17, 2019 mic



Bassic Records director & co-founder ZigMon breaks the boundaries of progressive, techno, house and electronica, generating encapsulating dancefloor dynamics with deepened drive, elated euphoria and a touch of psychedelia. Finding a balance between alluring melodies, driving basslines and grounding groove, ZigMon sees his purpose to deliver something unexpected and unique, compelling an unpredictable and emotional journey without the confines of style or genre.

His accomplished background in the DJ field – warming crowds for and closing after: Boris Brejcha, Victor Ruiz, Enrico Sangiuliano, Alex Stein, Teenage Mutants and Jay Lumen, on festival main stages and at revered clubs and warehouse venues – has co-created the skilful developments of the ZigMon voyage and the resulting adventurous performances…

A vagabond of the Australian festival circuit, ZigMon’s diverse energies have compelled dancefloors at Strawberry Fields, Earth Frequency, Dragon Dreaming, Babylon, Tanglewood, Psyfari, Elements, Burning Seed, Bohemian Beatfreaks, as a resident of Rabbits Eat Lettuce (hosting an annual Bassic Records Showcase on the main stage) and Subsonic Music Festival (curating the psychedelically inclined El Stompo Stage).

Sydney based but constantly on the move and proving to be one of Australia’s most widely active techno/house DJs, ZigMon performs regularly with Australia’s best club brands: elsewhere (Gold Coast), Capulet (Brisbane), SASH (Sydney). With his calendar often full with features at the likes of Revolver, Breakfast Club, Tramp, Circus and My Aeon (Melbourne), Dragonfruit, Slyfox, Subclub and many more, ZigMon is truly leaving his mark on the electronic music scene extensive of the entire east coast.

Internationally, ZigMon has taken to the main stage of Thailand’s HalfMoon Festival, and graced clubs throughout Portugal, Denmark, New Zealand and the southern Thai islands..


1. Huminal – Rebreather
2. Audiomolekul – Bluna (Ariose Remix)
3. Max Cooper – Coils Of Living Synthesis
4. Rauschhaus & Peter Groskreutz – Words Of Hali
5. Darlyn Vlys, HearThuG, Haptic – Agore (Cosmo Edit)
6. K.A.L.I.L – Shori
7. Zen Racoon – So It Rains
8. Peter Groskreutz – Distraction
9. Ark-E-Tech – My Muse [Bassic Records]
10. dreamAwaken – Allure [Bassic Records]
11. Philipp Kempnich – Golden Meadow
12. Nick Devon – Adrasteia (Jobe Remix)