February 7, 2019 mic



Wildwood is truly honoured to bring you Rainbow Serpent Festival’s Mad Monday Closing Set by none other than our soul brother Patrice Baumel.
ONLINE FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME ONLY as his Global Underground Berlin album is dropping soon! Patrice has a few words he would like to say…

“Ahead of my GU42 Berlin album release on March 29th, I wanted to share a very special live set from the other side of the planet. Like Berlin, Rainbow Serpent is an anomaly on the rave map. This mix will be online for a very limited period only:

The best dance floor in the world. That’s the Market Stage of Rainbow Serpent Festival to me. The energy of the Rainbow tribe, the rabid vibe and feeling of unity are difficult to describe to anyone who has not been here. Simply standing on the dancefloor and experience this incredible sound system is one of life’s finer pleasures. I felt absolutely honoured to be trusted with the task to close the festival. Looking onto the dancefloor from the dj booth, the Market Stage painted a beautiful picture. The atmosphere was electric and love-drunk all day, Nick Warren and D-Nox brought their A-game.

This is my third year in a row playing here and the absolute highlight on my yearly calendar. In these years my wife and I have made friends for life here, which is why we release this mix with our beloved Wildwood crew. We have grown extremely fond of Australia as a country. This place has received us with open arms from day one and never fails to blow our minds in many different ways. It has become our second home.

I want to thank the entire Rainbow crew for creating a place of artistic expression, of self-discovery, education and togetherness. This is much more than a festival, it’s a template of how to build a community.” – Patrice Baumel

The kind open heart of this man, spread through this dance ground like wild fire and he will always be a true friend to this community. Thank you for all the magic you have shared with us.

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