September 27, 2018 Foggyswoggle mic


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Foggyswoggle is a creature born out of the depths of psychedelic electronic music. This bog-trottin’, swamp-walker crafts hypnotic grooves that will leave you in a trance, with bass that rumbles you from the ground up, and back again. Influenced as heavily by UK Bass music, as by psychedelic styles, Foggyswoggle creates a very tasty blend that will make your mouth water.

He is also the label manager/curator for Techgnosis Records’ new dark imprint, ‘NOX’. This part of the label showcases the nighttime sounds of psychedelic techno and all its derivatives.
Many of the tracks in this mix are featured in Foggyswoggle and Papi Gonzo’s compilation for Techgnosis, entitled ‘Swamp Seance’ which you can find on their bandcamp…

> techgnosisrecords.bandcamp.com/album/swamp-seance

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Track list:

Astralia n°7- Ewake (Techgnosis Records)
Rabbit Hole- Mud (Glitchy.Tonic Records)
Mr. Nomadic (Breger Expedition)- Xenoscapes (DMT Records)
Coasting- One Dub Connection (Digital Diamonds)
Code Black- Peter Groskreutz (Anarkick Records)
Herbstgrau- Schpunk (Techgnosis/NOX)
Midnight Express- Floating Machine (Techgnosis/NOX)
Broken Magic (Ben Rama remix)- Dr. Strangefunk & Zepha (Techgnosis Records)
Qosqoricon- Niukid (Techgnosis/NOX)
Pyramid- Eitan Reiter (Digital Structures)
Repetition- David Kras (Techgnosis/NOX)
Asteroid in Orbit- Kase Kochen (Bassic Records)
Look at Yourself- Ark-E-Tech & Mecca (Bassic Records)
Windmill Man- Quantaloop (Techgnosis/NOX)
Shade- IsoQuant (Forthcoming NOX)
Pyramide- Emorine (Techgnosis Records)
Seconds of Liberty- Stoertebeker & Dancing Devil (Techgnosis Records)
Eclipse- The Division aka Zalera (Techgnosis/NOX)

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