December 18, 2018 Sam Zenn mic


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We’re pleased to welcome on board Toronto based talented DJ and sound engineer, Sam Zenn, on 8day with a beautiful 90 minutes exclusive guest mix! He has been persistently dispensing his love for music globally for nearly a decade. Make sure to keep an eye on his music and gigs following the links bellow!

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Download Sam Zenn’s mix for free on Hypeddit >>hypeddit.com/track/5agbqc<< BIO: "Sam Zenn has established a solid reputation for himself in the electronic music community and is progressing with a tenacity that shows no ceasing. He is a spirited artist who has proven his dedication to his craft with the ability to hypnotize the crowd and synchronize their hearts and soul to the music. With eyes on the dance floor and ears locked in, Sam's unpredictable flow and unique style of mixing keeps his audience fully engaged from start to finish. For Sam, every show is a new journey and an exciting story to tell. He checks in at every event fully prepared and loaded with a diverse library, leaving him unrestricted and free to take the night where it needs to go. His distinctive signature “ZENN” sound, followed by his undeniable and seamless mixing skills, is something to be experienced and admired both in studio and live." ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ All 8day premieres: soundcloud.com/8day-montreal/sets/premieres All 8day podcasts: soundcloud.com/8day-montreal/sets/8daysets All GrrreatCasts: soundcloud.com/8day-montreal/sets/grrreatcasts All Free Download: soundcloud.com/8day-montreal/sets/free-download Releases Out now on 8day's imprint! www.beatport.com/label/8day/63082 Stream on Spotify: goo.gl/gGg9e9 Download for free on The Artist Union