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Q: Talking about your classics selection: How did these tracks change your early life?

A: I have always listened to music since my youngest age. But I did not listen to electronic things right away. It has come little by little over time, by not having Trip Hop things like Kruder & Dorfmeister, Kid Loco, Thievery Corporation, or Saint Germain. The first Tube House that triggered something in me was Eddie Amador’s “House Music”. This repetitive way of building songs and the unrelenting groove rocked me into the clan House while I was punk. The tracks I´ve chosen show some evolution. More Down Tempo stuff like “The Grand Love Theme” of Kid Loco that is beautiful. In a general way the German music has marked me. ADA especially for me is one of the greatest musicians I know, I could put his masterpiece “Lucky Charm” in my selection. And little by little we go to the House (Losoul, Steve Bug), Melodic Techno as it looks today with Fairmont and Superpitcher, to return with big Electro House songs that reflect my origins as a rocker with Tiga and Alter Ego but I could have done a mix of 6 hours so there are songs that touched me.

Q: You´re full time pharmacist, married and have 3 kids. How do you manage to produce so many tracks in the meantime?

A: I have always had this way of living at full speed. I like my days to be full and full. I do not like doing anything and contemplating life. So I do things thoroughly in all areas.

Q: There´s an album coming soon. Tell us more about and also let us know which other exciting ACUMEN projects are coming soon!

A: I really like to immerse myself in the production of an album. This will be my third and they all come at key moments in my life. This one is written for the birth of my third child “Brune” and I think it will be the most accomplished. There will also be some collaborations with Marc DePulse, Carl Golden, Mattia Pompeo, Phonique and Forrest. And also some exciting EPs for the labels I am already working with such as Selador and Atlant.