airpod 20 – Gavin Herlihy


Gavin – ”Where’s my head at as 2012 draws to a close? As always it is chasing the sound of the future and avoiding being stuck in one corner for too long. This year like any other has seen trends come and go, labels bounce into the hype fast lane only to be bumped to the hard shoulder by the media or the message boards months later.

”The pace of change accelerates all the time in dance music and never more so than now. That’s why I consistently focus my selections on a broad range of inspiring music. Throughout my DJ career I’ve never stopped playing techno or house regardless of when either style was ‘in’ and kept an open mind to new sounds while never selling my soul to the latest trend.

”This mix hopefully reflects that mood. It begins with leftfield disco from the amazing AndrĂ©s and Marvin and Guy’s excellent Arthur Russell rework ‘Keep On.’ It takes in moody heads down house from dOP and ALex Jones and delves into the murkier vinyl only world of artists like off the radar sonic scientists like Four Tet, Frak, G.Marcell or Morphology. The mix finishes with Erol Alkan’s sublime remix of Connan Mockasin, an ethereal, weird and wonderful gem of a song. In my head, it’s music for the twilight hours, to be enjoyed with or without friends, at an after-party when you’re bored of listening to the obvious, or in your headphones when you need to forget you’re sat next to a raving mad person on the number 92 home from work.”