23 is a number synonymous with maestros (Jordan, Beckham etc). For our 23rd instalment of the airpod, we brought in our own maestro – the one and only Jay Haze, who tells us:

“This mix was recorded in Zurich, Switzerland in the middle of a massive studio session with MIchal Ho – it has been raining almost every single day of this tour I’m currently finishing up (almost 2 months on the road)

It seems like spring never arrived and that summer isn’t promised, so with that in mind, i came to make this mix- this set was somewhat of a therapy for me, it made me feel so much better, a bit more optimistic and so i hope it does the same for you.

I included a new Hollis Monroe track I’m really digging on, worked in one of my fav Maya Jane Coles tracks and somehow even DMX found his way in. All in all I think it’s a good listen for many different reasons and situations. Sharing is caring”.