April 20, 2018


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Good morning music lovers!!! Here is another freshly squeezed podcast for your heart, senses and friends and beloved around you. This podcast is made with spring in my mind. I love 4 seasons but if I have to pick my favourite I think Spring will win. Flowers are opening up again, so many things in nature start growing again, people take off their winter clothes (depending where you live) and doors and windows will be opened to live life to the fullest. And yes, with that in mind I selected some of my faves of this moment. I am so much looking forward to the next coming months. A few releases will find the way to Spotify and all other channels to start with Downtown (Crazy For You). In one month from now you will find it but of course I will let you know when it will exactly happen. For now I wish you all a beautiful time ‘listening and feeling’ this podcast. Please share with me your favourite part! Arrivederci amigos! Love, Alex

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