October 11, 2018 Alex Cruz


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Lovely people! It has been a while…..silence before the storm that’s what they say then…..because….here is Deep & Sexy #35.
Why Deep & Sexy? That’s what people every now and then ask me. The answer is as simple as the question. I try to bring you close to your core through touching you deep down there in your heart. What’s better to get there through lovely sexy vibes? 6 years ago I was still only playing in Holland and played often together with an MC (MC Haits) who also travels the world now spreading love through his vocals. He was the one who always came to me and literally kept repeating himself by the words: you play such f**cking Deep & Sexy tunes like Solomun. So a year later when I started my podcast series I already had the name of my podcast series. Next month I will bring you a more energetic/dancy/clubby version of what I do when I play in nightclubs so you also have a feel of what I do when the night is falling and the sun is down. For now, enjoy this podcast from the Rooftop in New York and don’t forget to be present and feel all your senses. Love, Alex

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