September 14, 2017 Data Domain mic


Mixed by Data Domain {@faint-faint-music / @nwrec} – Spain
Art. Eden Some / www.tforgotten.org

Data Domain is a duo conformed by Randoom (Javier Martin) and Discknocked (Guillermo Arroyo Sancibrian) from Spain. They combine different styles and techniques to experiment in there music. They focus in processes such as granular synthesis, field recordings and modulars systems. Their performing sound is hypnotically deep and dub techno.

In this edition they show us their experimental and ambiental side. Includes music from Varg, Roly Porter or Marconi Union and personal productions of their various alias: RVD, Discknocked, Urals Vector Plant and Data Domain.

Soundcloud: bit.ly/2wAXHt6
Facebook: bit.ly/2wb1Sit
‘Restricting Knowledge’ EP: bit.ly/2x1X785
‘Mensaje Inteligente’ EP bit.ly/2h6koBF