Back in 2006 one of the more popular Balance editions hit your local music store: Balance 009 mixed by Paolo Mojo. Spread over 2CDs, the release went on to receive critical acclaim and went on to become a fan favorite. In the time after his Balance release, Paolo Mojo has achieved many accolades, including 2 Essential mixes for BBC1, and travelling the world playing at pretty much every popular club the global scene has to offer. He is a former recipient of Pete Tong’s ‘Top Tunes of the Summer’ (twice), and he has been signed to a ‘who’s who’ of electronic music labels: Bedrock, Saved, NRK, Cr2, Toolroom, Renaissance, Great Stuff, Positiva, EQ Recordings, Factomania, Little Mountain, Curfew Nervous, Ego Records… the list REALLY goes on.

It has been a decade since the release date of his Balance, so the time seems right to re-visit Paolo Mojo and see where he is at, not only musically, but also physically: “For lots of reasons I decided to take the plunge and move to South America, a part of the world I love and know well. I’m currently located in Bogota although I continue to tour around – particularly the Americas at the moment, but I’ll be heading back to Europe in June to see family and do some gigs. I’m lucky enough to have a residency at one of the best clubs in the world as well, Baum in Bogota, which allows me to stretch my DJ legs 2 to 3 times a month in all sorts of styles.

This move was exactly what he needed to inspire him too, and it is looking like we are on the verge of receiving a whole batch of new Paolo Mojo music: “In the last two years I got a bit jaded. Things were the same, and I was doing more and more things in the studio that I wasn’t necessarily in love with. I needed to do something new and get back to what I’m all about. I finally have the space to write the new body of work I’ve been promising to do for the last 3 years, and that’s what I’m busy doing right now.

And that is exactly the appeal of Paolo Mojo – never stagnating, always transforming and taking it day by day: “I don’t know where the future will take me, but I’m happy to live in the moment again.”

We are very pleased to have Paolo back with a stunning podcast (which may or may not have been inspired by David Bowie), and should keep all the familiar fans happy whilst introducing him to a whole generation of Balance listeners. What a treat.

Interview here: