April 22, 2016 Clarian mic


‘Rumour has it that while Clarian was institutionalized at a human testing facility in the North Coast, he began song-writing as an occupational therapy to reconstruct visions of unknown origin.’ When an artist’s bio starts like that you know you are dealing with someone who is not operating on the same frequency as the rest of the pack. And in Clarian North’s case, he is so far left from centre he is pretty much off the chart. The Canadian has been moving and shaking at his own pace over the last 3 years or so, producing the sort of music that is uniquely his own but fresh at the same time. He first came to the attention through his Footprintz moniker (alongside Addy Weitzman) which resulted in multiple singles and one full length release on Visionquest Records. Since then Clarian has gone on to carve out a career as a solo producer with releases on labels like Life and Death, My Favorite Robot, Supplement Facts, Turbo, Natura Sonoris and many more. Last year’s ‘Mission To Bars’ release on Kompakt showcased his flair for aural drama, especially the epic ‘Space Noir’, and we can only imagine what else he will bring to the table in the future. His Balance Selections podcast is a suitably smooth leftfield/chill out/whatever mix which should soundtrack many an after party…. This one is pretty special.

Interview here: www.balancemusic.com.au/news/balance-selections-021-clarian/