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Mert “GINGAT” Güngör (1994) is a young DJ / producer from Mannheim / Germany. He presents his own taste and his love of techno music in the form of self-produced tracks and stunning DJ sets.

At an early age he started to listen driving electronic music and celebrated it at festivals like Time Warp, Syndicate or Nature One.With young 14 years GINGAT started to realise his own ideas inspired by variables such as DJ Rush, Chris Liebing and Carl Cox with music production Softwares like FL Studio. He discovered a dark, driving force in
techno music which was built by the A-Brothers and Niereich in their tracks in early 2010. Suddenly he changed his style and was living the scene with full of passion and began his own sets to mix and thus its own flavor to give the people dancing.

In short time GINGAT played in all the clubs in the Rhein-Neckar district, with techno stars such as: A-Brothers, De Hessejung or Silvano Scarpetta at events for electronic music. 2013 he started to produce his own techno tracks with Ableton, Fruity Loops and Publish. His works inspire the people and thus he had a good entry into the global techno scene. His first digital release will be released on the label “Sound of Techno”, it is the label of De Hessejung and he is participant in the Niereich & A-Brothers Remix Contest. Since the summer of 2013 he plays in a duo with his good friend Manu.W as “Underground Factory” On techno events.

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Primal Beat



–>For Booking,Release,Demo,Promo or Remix<-- carlo-jp89@hotmail.com portnoy12@hotmail.com Primal Beat is an emergent italian duo composed by two brothers, Stefano Naghiero (1992) & Carlo Naghiero (1989); they live in the italian part of Swiss, began to produce since october 2012 and their journey into Underground Techno music started when first heard tech minimal and tech house djs.They discovered the most extreme shades of Techno music,coming now where they are testing their skills producing new and evolving dark sounds. LABELS (released and upcoming release): - HSM Recordings - Big Punch Records - RAWHARD Audio Records - NPR Limitless - Naughty Pills Records - Dopamine Recordings - Subwoofer Records - 4stars Records - Wicked Waves Recordings - Refluxed Records - Business Class Records - Graviton Audio - Criminal Zone Records - Minimized Records - Brachial Kontakt - TMM Recordings - Flatlife Dark - Platinium Records - Sound Of Techno - 5 Stars Techno Recordings - Gobsmacked Records - Hybrid Confusion Records - Ex-tract Records - Techno Pulse Records - Darker Sound Records - City Wall Records - Black Circus - DSR Digital - Geisha Records - Hauptbahnhof Musik - Seqtor - We Call It Hard Records - Gaintrax - Resorted Recordings - favor. - Dark Smile Records - Stomper Records - Teksession Records - YouVV Music - Monoton Audio - Shout Records - Assassin Soldier Recordings - Hex - Naked Lunch - Achromatiq - Bass Assault Records and hope many more... beatport: www.beatport.com/artist/primal-beat/310588 ____________________ FNOOB TECHNO CHANNEL >>>>
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