March 24, 2019 Calypse mic


Hallo Freunde
Beach Podcast geht mit einem neuen Set an den Start…
freue mich sehr euch heute das Set von Maura & Shana alias Calypse aus Rom, Italien präsentieren zu dürfen.
Hello friends
Beach Podcast starts with a new set …
I am very happy to present you the set of Maura & Shana Italian female dj duo. aka Calypse from Rome.
Booking Italy: Mauro Rescali mauro@wave-up.net
Worldwide: booking@calypseofficial.com
Maura & Shana, currently reside in Rome and Sardinia.
They are the pseudonym of Calypse duo Italian djs & producers formed at the end of 2016.

With over 10 years of experience both DJ’ing and Producing, making them far from unexperienced in the all elettronic music scene.

In 2017 the Calypse duo became residents at the Gay Village in Rome.
Also in 2017 they release their first release on BeatFreak Recording, by D-Formatiom, with 2 remixes: one by Dimas himself and the second by Oscar L.
The EP is supported by many artists, for example by DJ Kenny Carpenter.

In 2017 they make their first appearance at INPUT (Barcelona) with the Neverdogs, [Angioma & Desolè.]

They continue their path as a producer, also releasing on labels like
Natura Viva, Kinetika and others.

They are often present on the international scene, as well as national.

Much loved for their charisma in the console, they manage to drag the dancefloor in their mood.

The Girls are united from the energy that evolves from their sound it involves anyone and everyone who hears it.

They share the same passion to communicate their energy with the music, from house music form tech-house charge of groove.

A distinguishable feature, is that both DJ’s have invaluable technical and pure virtuosity on the decks, backed up with a wealth of musical research.

Their DJ sets consist of an innovative and contemporary sound, influenced by the house music from the 1970s and 80s.
Releases on:
Beatfreak Recordings – Defined Music – Great Stuff – Lapsus Music – Kinetika Records – Nervous Records
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