June 24, 2019 mic


Wow, what a day! Looks like summer finally got here! And we have the perfect refresher for you during these hot summer days:

KIDSØ, an electronica duo based in Munich (Germany), made a delicious chill pill named Blue Mountain.

KIDSØ is one of these discoveries we made while scrolling through the endless streams in the cloud of sounds. It was their track named “Apart” that draw our interest, and we are extremely happy that this gem is also part of this mix.

The Blue Mountain is a recording of KIDSØ ‘s performance at Munich’s Bahnwärter Thiel, where they had a concert just recently. The duo does only live performances with quite an impressive setting: hundreds of cables laying all over the set to connect analog instruments with effect-racks and digital equipment. This is how they create their signature sound based on organic sound samples and live instruments.

It started all back in the 90s, when Moritz was tweaking electronic sounds on his AMIGA and Martin was experimenting with computer programming.

Since the beginning, the drums are the heart of their productions with the melodies following. Both play the drums, Moritz is coming from the Hip Hop and Funk scene while Martin has a background in rock and metal music.

The result, it might suprise you, is completely different: smooth, emotional and insanely delicious. To put it in their own words: KIDSØ ‘s music represents the place in between, remote from the usual and ordinary, the real word and the imagination, dream and reality.

We absolutely love it – and we are proud to feature two unreleased premieres of KIDSØ in their delicious Blue Mountain (track list to follow later)! Thank you guys!
The Blue Mountain cocktail on the artwork has been mixed and photographed by Keyvan, a talented mixologist from Switzerland. Check out www.instagram.com/keydcocktails for more fantastic cocktails

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