On this week’s Source to Cycle podcast, we welcome the slippery and mysterious techno artist known as A Sagittariun. Forming the Elastic Dreams label back in 2011, A Sagittariun has released a handful of 12″s and featured artists such as Mike Dehnert, October, Nyra, Marco Bernardi and Aubrey on the label. So delve into an hour of otherworldly techno and house, and a decidedly dubby and ambient Source mix.

Cycle tracklist
Pittsburgh Track Authority – Strenf
Two Armadillos – Black Dahlia
Mr. G – Dance Floor
s:VT – Basement Sweat
L.B. Dub Corp – Native Dub
A Sagittariun – Somewhere In Montpelier
Tevo Howard – Crystal Republic
Conforce – Grace
Russ Gabriel – Storm Stalker
Two Armadillos – Ronin
UR – Transition

Source tracklist