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Original Releae – Jun 13, 2011
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Play to Pray -Tribute To Japan- Volume 4

clubberia Play to Pray – Tribute to Japan project

4 “Mobilee Record” Hector Martin Landy


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On March 11th an earthquae and tunami hit Japan affecting million of people; and although it ha been three month ince the diater, for the victim thi crii i till not over. People are till without home and job, living in helter that are low on food and upplie. Many have lot their familie and loved one. Entire village have been ditroyed and are till without a connection to the ret of the country.
We need your help We’re collecting contribution from all over the world, letting them now that we care.
The revival i not finihed yet. If want to hare your love, donate now via our page on jutgiving.co.u. Even a mall donation can help.

upporting artit:
Freebae Recordde: acha Dive, Chri Wood, Fran Lorber, arotte, Maru Fix, Roman Flugel, Dorian Paic, Vera, Meat, Einzelind, Motorcityoul, Martyne
Cadenza Recordde: Reboot, Frivolou, Miro Loo, Andrea Oliva, Mendo, Alex Picone
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Mobilee Record: Hector, Martin Landy

Than you, for upporting Japan Than you Vielen Dan Gracia Merci beaucoup Grazie mille Muito obrigado Heel erg bedant Terima aih banya Tac Dziei

Here’ the donation page.

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“Play to Pray – Tribute Japan project”

The meage from Hector
“I’m till in hoc about the tragedy that ha happened and every day I thin about the people I now in Japan, hoping they are o and their familie. I am really happy to contribute thi mix to the ‘”Play to Pray – Tribute Japan project”and I hope it bring ome happine to the people at thi difficult time.” -Hector