December 19, 2018 Jan Hertz mic


Welcome to the 215th Chapter of the Deep Electronics Podcast. A weekly released podcast that brings you a diversity into the abyss of deep electronic music.
This weeks set is mixed by Jan Hertz

About Jan Hertz
Studying at the Berlin University of the Arts under Kraftwerk’s Karl Bartos, as well as touring with the indie-electro combo .computer.. defined his very own style of minimalistic yet engaging electronic music. Club-culture played a role in the development of his sound – as did his professional work as a sound designer and his focus on installation art and sound in architecture. Art residencies brought Jan Hertz to Tbilisi (Georgia) and Viseu (Portugal), commercial projects to a wide range of exhibition projects and sound spaces around Germany. While he played mostly electronic solo-livesets in recent years, he recently teamed up with the drummer Sebastian Waschulewski and played festival gigs that sported a more concert-like format and brought Jan back to his initial instrument of choice: the piano.


01. Nikakoi – Can’t Even See My Paw
02. Grand River – Pleasure Garden
03. Little People – Ivory Apes (Instrumental)
04. Iron Curtis – MT. GORDON
05. STUFF. – Vault
06. Jim Guthrie – The Maelstrom
07. Cass. – 1000 Superdolphins
08. palence – cathode
09. Helios – North Wind
10. Phaeleh – Three
11. Call Super – Ekko Ink
12. Christian Löffler – Core
13. ITO – Window Drops
14. Grün Glas – Void
15. Elektro Guzzi – Black Chamber






Artwork created by Jeroen