January 2, 2019 StriCt mic


Welcome to the 217th Chapter of the Deep Electronics Podcast. A weekly released podcast that brings you a diversity into the abyss of deep electronic music.
This weeks set is created by returning producer and DJ StriCt.

StriCt was the first ever DJ to participate on the Deep Electronics Podcast. As a suprise he created a set for me while I had the idea to start a podcast serie.

Dutch DJ and Producer “StriCt”, have been traveling the uncharted terrains of music for over 18 years now and has developed himself as one of the most opinionated and versatile artists who found in The Netherlands. A shy and modest artist who likes to keep a shroud of secrecy around himself.. StriCt’s musical inspirapiration is taken from Ambient, Avant Garde, Drumstep, Drum&Bass, Dubstep, Obscure Electronica, Experimental Electronic Music, Grime, IDM, Minimal and Soundscapes…

In recent years, he has evolved and showed his many musical sides in a clear way to his fans, as StriCt or as one of his aliases.
From the nineties until today, he played lot’s of local, regional and european venues as StriCt. Or as one of his aliases, like; Knëttertøps, Rosto&StriCt, Noise_A_Rush, Puzzelstukken en Jûhroen.
He did a colllab with the talented Classical Ensemble “Lunapark” at “De Oosterpoort” in Groningen, which played a classical version of Aphex Twin’s “Flim”, with some experimental sounds coming from StriCt. Released on CD somewhere in 2011. in that same year he also won a highly regarded mix-competition on DJBroadcast.nl . Thanks to this winning mix he got the chance to play at the French festival “SnowAttack”, where he eventually played a closing set after the world famous act “Pendulum”. He also played one of his most important DJ-set’s at Mindcamp at TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht. A side to Roel Funcken, Occoeur and Woulg.
Puzzelstukken (which means puzzlepieces) was originally a collab between between DJ Myrinx and StriCt. But after the tragical death of his friend and colleague, he put Puzzelstukken on hold.
From then on it got a llitle quiet around StriCt. Due to heavy fracture on his foot he’s now permenant disabled. So StriCt will no longer be on stage…
But Puzzelstukken will be back in 2019!!! A bit in another way, but interesting…… Stay tuned..


Artwork created by Jeroen


01. JoeFarr – Spectate (Max Cooper Remix)
02. Emika – Battles (Kamikaze Space Programme Remix)
03. Billian X MCD2 – Runshin Gia (Instrumental)
04. Datach’i – Omni 2
05. Clark – Honey Badger
06. Lorn – L’APPEL DU VIDE
07. The Future Sound Of London – Halfer
08. The Future Sound Of London – and-Y
09. Would – Lost Time
10. Benjamin Brunn – Allow
11. Grischa Lichtenberger – 0514_01 re 0809_20 1 barg b
12.Kyoka – Side to Side (Live Rec Version)
13. Skee Mask – Rev8617
14. Roel Funcken – Spanatic
15. Aphex Twin – 1st 44
16. Beytone – Postpostrefabricated
17. Island People – Vultures And Doves
18. Objekt – Rest Yr Troubles Over Me
19. Autechre – shimripl air