Welcome to the 229th Chapter of the Deep Electronics Podcast. A weekly released podcast that brings you a diversity into the abyss of deep electronic music. This weeks set is created by returning artist Phøbiq. This is his second set for Deep Electronics. His first set was released for the Special podcast serie and was a instand favorite of many listeners and followers. Enjoy his second release for DE!

About the mix:

This part of Deep Electronics podcast focuses on the deep hypnotic side of techno.
Night in the forest… Being out in the wild, especially in darker times sharpens your senses. You seem to register every cracking of twigs and every noise which echoes from one ancient tree to another. In the night time, trees seem to be like creatures from another age… You can find solitude in such a wild and enchanting environment. The campfire illuminates the gloomy forest and dancing shadows of the flames are casted on the surrounding trunk of the trees. Above the star-bright night are sounds echoing in infinity. Night sounds, wind, fire and mother nature…
Deep from the heart of the woods!”


Artwork created by Jeroen