Welcome to the 230th Chapter of the Deep Electronics Podcast. A weekly released podcast that brings you a diversity into the abyss of deep electronic music. This weeks set is created by M-Tric


A journey through space and time. A trip to the familiar.
go with me to the land of the unimaginable. take your ticket and come with me.
The expansion of consciousness, the upgrade of your mind and the ever-growing awakening in yourself will fascinate you. it will do you good to your heart and your soul to switch off and go into you.
let yourself be guided by yourself and your intuition.
have no fear to discover new. Do not fret, it’s pure life!
be different be special and always keep your head in the clouds.

you will surely arrive safely again.

– M-Tric –


1)The Chi Factory – Part Two
2)Master Margherita – Shruti One (Ambient Mix)
3)Heavenchord – Distant Horizons
4)Faru – Sunrise at Bratan
5)Warmth – Dopamine (Ambient Reprise)
6)Tom Cabrinha – New Born Life (Heavenchord ambient)
7)Midub – Horizon Dub
8)Mr.Cloudy – Shades of the Deep
9)Deepchord – Immersion 1
10)Master Margherita – Kivalina (Border 50 mix)
11)The Chi Factory – Part One


I played the drums for 8 years, played in an orchestra and, incidentally, in a music school for music theory and drum lessons.

After some time, my music style has changed.

From the day I found a lot of electronic music of all kinds of techno, hard techno, drum and bass, tekno, goa, experimental, deep house and much more.

At some point I happened to hear a mix with Ambient and DubTechno.

I listened excitedly and felt something very special. I felt a very special feeling in me that tells me that I have to break new ground with my musical talent.

I bought all the equipment I needed and exactly 1 year later I had my first appearance as “M-Tric” in the DubTechno Mixshow “ReactorRoom”.

And now, I am part of a huge project to make people sound good music and to make them feel where they have arrived.
I work toghter with very nice people around the world and have my own mix show! (MINDSET)
now, i am part of a huge family.


– M-Tric –


Artwork created by Jeroen Smulders