Welcome to the 241th Chapter of the Deep Electronics Podcast. A weekly released podcast that brings you a diversity into the abyss of deep electronic music. This weeks set is a a live set by TERIAK recorded @ Légionnaires Marseille on 10/05/19.

Teriak is this kind of techno cat who plays lives since quite a long time but don’t publish tracks very often. It’s normal he spends most of his time building DIY modular gear and drum machines and experimenting with his new toys.

He acts in the duo Subterean with Sub Accent (Surface LP cassette on Accents Records in 2016 and an upcoming EP soon). They are specialized in live modular act and have played with Acronym, Peter Van Hoesen or Adam X.

Back into techno after a two years break, he presents this complete live performed and recorded in a rock beach in Marseille (France) on the 10 may 2019 during a little non declared party organized by SGNL. The setup was chosen to be very minimal in case they needed to get away in a hurry : computer, controllers and FX.

The style is deep techno or « ground techno » as he likes to say to emphasize the connection to the land and the roots.

The material is all unreleased Teriak’s tracks from last two years modular experiments. All tracks were rearranged and mixed live with separates tracks.

Artwork created by Jeroen