December 22, 2018


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Sometimes you have these travel weeks where you keep on flying and it really felt that I spent more time on planes and airports than I spent time in the countries where I was. I went from a very nice intimate setting in Denver to a Finnish Sauna in Helsinki, to my first gig ever (finally) in Cairo, Egypt and ended that week in London at the Madison. I met many new people and also had encounters with people who I did not expect to see at all. Overall another wonderful week in my life. 2018 was a very special year with many highlights. I want to thank all of you who listen to my music over and over again and also make it to shows I am playing all over the world. I love days in the studio creating these new songs, edits and remixes but I feel most alive when I am able to feel the energy in a club, rooftop or pool party and share the happy energy where we can all connect together and fuel our hearts and souls. Merry Christmas to all of you. I hope you will be able to spend these days with your beloved ones. Focus, be loving and kind and with a simple smile on our face we can make this world a better place. Enjoy my new Deep & Sexy with your friends and families. Till soon! Alex

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