August 27, 2017 Jacopo Dal Bello mic


This is episode 071 with a young Italian artist, Jacopo Dal Bello. Jacopo was born and grew up in northern Italy near Venice. After several years of piano, he began to buy the first electronic music records at the age of 15.

Passionate about dark, acid and minimal sounds, he began composing a collection of records that also included many vinyls from the 90s and early 2000s. He constantly searches for music that is sought-after and carefully selected which renders each set unique and different from the other.

The visit of numerous clubs and bars has strongly contributed to his selection of music. That’s how he started his first sets in various bars in the nearby area, until he began to perform in clubs such as K-Club (Jesolo), Night & Day (Venice), Urban Klub (Castelfranco Veneto). In 2015 he was a resident dj of Karma Club (Asolo) and Glory Hole (Montebelluna). In 2016 he was confirmed to be a resident dj of Re-Fresh (Castelfranco Veneto / Padova).

At the age of 18 he started his own production; the first results showed up when in 2016 Richie Hawtin played some of his tracks in the BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix Live Podcast. From then on he made releases with Black Swan Recordings, Maintain Replay Records, Bosom, Crackhouse Recordings. He shared the console with artists such as Fabio Florido, Sam Paganini, Pig & Dan, Joel Mull, Hito, 2000 and One, Markus Fix, Janina, Silvie Loto, Moonwalk, Federico Grazzini, Andrea B, Andy-J, Johnny Kaos, Gianluca Marcati, Gladis, Igor S, Lady Brian, Marco Dionigi, etc …. Although he always kept his vinyl selection up to date, he started performing with the help of the PC and mixing and live software, so that he could play his own productions and create new stimuli for his experiments during his dj set.

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