September 11, 2017 mic


After only three EPs since 2016, Borusiade aka Miruna Boruzescu has proved herself to have a very specific and focussed musical aesthetic. It is a dark, shadowy style of synth laden and stripped back disco that is tinged with echoes of industrial, acid and EBM. Correspondant, Cómeme and Cititrax have put out her music, and her perfectly gloomy sound translates to her DJ mixes. She first started playing 15 years ago as one of the few women on the Bucharest scene, and as such knows how to tell an emotive story—no doubt in part thanks to her love of cinema as well as classical music.

Her Dekmantel mix is an hour of stark post-industrial sound, desolate landscaping and noir disco techno. From rugged, rattling tracks that sound like a factory in meltdown to more deep and subliminal marching tunes that convey no human life at all, it is a mix that is always on the move, slowly but surely. Ending in a place of angst and paranoia, it’s the sound of a DJ at the top of her game.